Light Coming Back
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What’s this all about?

Affordable Art:
It’s a concept that’s spreading — a divergence from the everyday gallery world.

Art. Can it make a difference? I would like to believe it can.

Part of what art means to me is sharing it with people – having it seen – communicating, connecting. So I’ve priced these prints at $20 so that most people can afford a print if they want one.

My Story:
I’m a photographer. I guess it’s no surprise that I’m better with images than words. So that’s mostly what you will find here – pictures. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Mostly, I think no – it’s not. Sometimes, on rare and special occasions, yes it is. It doesn’t surprise me to know that some advertising guy distorted an old Chinese proverb and now everyone thinks Confucius said that.

I turned my back on the kind of photographs I really wanted to make so long ago, I can’t even give it a date. But I know there used to be something.

Instead I stopped looking for the light and went looking for the money — in the advertising world. And in doing so, I somehow lost a part of myself. And other stuff happened. I lost sight of the light.

I’ve found it again. Thankfully it’s coming back. Light always comes back – it’s what it does, but sometimes we have to look for it and step up. This site is part of how I’m stepping up and into it.

So I’m hoping some people will find their way here and will want to come along with me on my journey back to the heart of things. Maybe some of you are making a similar journey.

The photos I post here are a part of that journey. My intent is to exercise/practice my craft, my vision, my heart, and my communication skills. It is a journey of everyday life. A hopeful journey looking for the heart of things while just enjoying what is.

Some might call it a mid-life crisis; I’m calling it an adventure. There’s all kinds of stuff out there, and so little time. Let’s make the most of it.

My Bio:
My name is Jennifer Durham. I grew up in a small town in TN in the 60’s. We didn’t know much about what was happening in San Francisco or Los Angeles, or NYC. It was a conservative little town that liked people to conform.

I was never much of a conformist.

I made my way through several schools. I went from TN to boarding school in New England, back to TN, and finally graduated from a photography college in Santa Barbara, CA. Moved down to Los Angeles after college, and now 20 years have passed since I moved to LA. I never thought I’d be here this long. I’m still trying to make sense of things — still learning.

“Often when I walked alone in the mountains, I tried to make sense
out of the two halves of my life. What went on in the city during the week
seemed chaotic and unrelated to the events in my mountain world.”
             — Galen Rowell

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