© 2008 Jennifer Durham
Fine Art Photography

I photograph simply because I feel compelled to do so. I display the images here because that’s part of what photography is about for me -- connection, communication, exploration.

I am interested in showing you things you may have looked at many times, but rarely truly seen; a familiar world you may have passed through, but barely known. These visions and awarenesses can be evocative on various levels; evocative of what -- is for you to say.

My work is about connection – the awareness I often feel out in nature -- that I (and you) are a part of something bigger. It’s about hope, about possibilities, about joy, about sorrow, and about beauty. There are many forms of beauty in the world, and I want to experience as much as I can.

I believe in beauty. I believe that we all need nature in a deeply fundamental way that many of us have forgotten about or never even knew we needed. With my images, I hope to bring a small part of that inside, so that we can remind ourselves, from time to time, of that connection.

There appeared to be a quality – Beauty seemed the only appropriate word for it – in certain photographs and paintings that opened my eyes, and I was compelled to learn to live with the vocabulary of this new sight, though for many years I still found it embarrassing to use the word Beauty, even while believing in it.

             -- Robert Adams, BEAUTY IN PHOTOGRAPHY

The incommunicable trees begin to persuade us to live with them, and quit our life of solemn trifles. Here no history, or church, or state, is interpolated on the divine sky and the immortal year…..

These enchantments are medicinal, they sober and heal us. These are plain pleasures, kindly and native to us. We come to our own, and make friends with matter, which the ambitious chatter of the schools would persuade us to despise. We never can part with it; the mind loves its old home: as water to our thirst, so is the rock, the ground, to our eyes, and hands, and feet. It is firm water: it is cold flame: what health, what affinity!

            -- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

I’m originally from a small town in the south (TN). I currently live in a big town on the west coast (LA). I love nature, I thrive on it. I’ve worked as a photographer all of my working life. I’m concerned about global warming and about what we are doing to our earth. I think we all should be concerned.

I’d like to hear from you. Write me at info(at) or call me at 626-797-4386. Or use the contact form here.

As I said before, we're not protecting the environment for the sake of the fishes and the birds and the trees. We're protecting it for our own sake, because it's the infrastructure of our communities, and because it enriches us….

When we destroy nature, we diminish ourselves. We impoverish our children….

I don't want my children to grow up in a world where there are no commercial fishermen on the Hudson, where it's all Gorton's Seafood and Unilever and 400-ton factory trawlers 100 miles offshore strip-mining the ocean with no interface with humanity…..

And to understand that they're part of something larger than themselves. They're part of a continuum. They're part of a community.…

And where we've lost touch with the seasons and the tides and the things that connect us to the 10,000 generations of human beings that were here before there were laptops...

But America is worth fighting for, and it's worth dying for. Those of us who know that it's worth fighting for have to take it back now from those who don't.

            -- Robert F Kennedy, Jr.